Autistic people are able to achieve success in life

Autistic people are able to achieve success in life

Too often, people with autism are stigmatized as having a mental defect, despite the fact that many individuals with this condition excel at things that "normal" people typically struggle with.

As a result, scientists at the University of Montreal's Center for Excellence in Pervasive Development Disorders are calling for a shift in the way society views autistic people.

Researcher Laurent Mottron, M.D., Ph.D., said that individuals with autism need opportunities and support rather than treatment. The fact that many people with this condition are held back in their personal development training by being placed in menial jobs that do not allow them use their special skills is a waste of human resources, according to the doctor.

"As a result, my lab and others believe autism should be described and investigated as an accepted variant within human species, not as a defect to be suppressed," Mottron said.

People with autism are capable of achieving success in life, even if their social skills differ from those of the general population. It's important to look at all humans as equal, since this is the kind of mindset that may one day lead to peace on Earth.

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