Ilchi lee: Bell Rock, Chocolate and Mago Cafe

When I go to Bell Rock, some fun thought often comes up to my brain. That is ‘Bell Rock looks like a huge milk chocolate’ ^__^ The color and shape of stones or rocks in Bell Rock is very similar to milk chocolate’s, caramel’s or fudge’s one. I call this in the photo as ‘Fudge Rock’.  Also the shape of many places in Bell Rock is like melting chocolate~.

When I get that thought or feeling, sometimes I touch the rock by hand or hug (weird… ) Until thirties, I had loved sweet foods like sweet cakes, cream bread, ice cream, …. But not now. My body specially my teeth do not accept those food any more. I thought I already ate most of the amount of sweet food supposed to me in this life. So nowadays, when I want something sweet, I eat fruits instead. Eating based on body condition or status is very important. When I eat something too much by some old habit even if that is not what my body really need at that moment, I get sick immediately. So the choice of food is very important to keep good status of health in daily life. We have to listen to our body.

Here in Sedona, there are many good restaurants serving vegetables or various food good for health. My favorite restaurant or bakery in Sedona are Desert Flower bakery and Tara Thai in Village of Oak Creek, Wild Flower bakery and Mago Cafe in uptown Sedona, Heartline cafe in west Sedona,… etc. For example, MagoCafe serves many healthy food with a great view from a terrace. My friends from asian countries visit that place to enjoy food, view and share special visitor information.

One day, Ilchi lee mentioned that eating is one of 3 Joys. Let’s eat food serving us with good energy~

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