21 days Miracle

Number 21 has a special meaning.

All of us have lots of habits. Physical or Emotional,Good or bad, …… Many people agree on that changing habit seems so difficult. Because sometime we try it. It seems sucessful for a while. But sometime later, we found we are repeating it again. Then we feel hopeless about it. I have many similar experience so far.

Ilchi Lee says when a person has to repeat it at least 21 days, he can say he is changing from an old habit to a new one. Because we have certain circuits in our body and brain to cause a previous habit repeatedly. To change the circuit, repetition of any other good habit instead is necessary. It takes a certain amount of time, which is 21 days.

Recently I started a 21days training for changing one of my habit not good for my body and mind. That is posture. When I work or walk, my posture seems not correct. For example, spine and neck are bent forward, Chest is not open, Shoulders are stiff. I think those postures are not good for keeping good conditions. But it was difficult to improve those postures so far. So I reminded 21 days training.

Especially, in this time, we make a group of 5 to help each other to check each other’s status for caring mind as Ilchi Lee recommended. I think that is very good idea. In many cases, we got to gave up before reaching 21 days. But when we have a colleague of 4 going together, it will be not lonely but very enjoyable. Our group decided to do that using blog ‘dahnyoga.wordpress.com’.

I believe that by changing habit we can do changing destiny.

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  1. 21 is a goal….an obtainable, do able goal. It is a place to start…a vision of result. Desire to change, focus on a future goal and work toward it each day. Create a new, positive habit. Thank you Master Lee.

  2. Not only can we use the 21 day plan for changing a negative habit, but we can also use the same plan to create a new and healthy habit. Pick something like doing a good deed, or helping an elderly neighbor. Then practice that new positive habit, every day, for 21 days.

    Not only will you have formed a wonderful new habit, but you will help the world become happier, more healthy and more peaceful. Spread HSP widely for the next 21 days !
    Everyone will benefit !!

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