Ilchi lee: Resolution for 2011

On the first day of 2011, I went for hiking with my friends in the morning but I got to finish it as jogging. At that time, I realized ‘Oh, this is what I need to change my destiny the way I want.’ Since I was a kid, I was not good at running or doing some practices in a long time because my lungs are not that strong. I know this prevents me from accomplishing any mission in my life. People say ‘Life is like a marathon’. It is a series of long-term actions.

So at that morning, I decided to start jogging every morning about 2 miles in a near trail at leat for 21 days. Jogging takes about 30 minutes for me. After jogging, I sweat. I can feel my body circulation is activated. Now I keep jogging for last 20 days.

One day, Ilchi Lee said 4 tips for change.
1.Start based on priority
2.Start with what you can afford
3.Start from yourself instead of blaming others
4.Start it now

Also recently he mentioned about ‘Brain Screen’. It is a kind of ‘Vison Board’ in our mind. It is to picture a vision on it and imagine it’s successful accomplishment in advance.

I will keep jogging because I feel it is worth for changing my destiny. I draw an image of my daily,monthly, yearly visions on my brain screen at that time. It is a great moment to start a day. I guess every body has a different physical and mental condition. And a physical body affects the other. Most of us know what exercise are recommenable for our body condition. Let’s start it now~ for our healthy, happy and peaceful life as its master.

Good luck to you~

One thought on “Ilchi lee: Resolution for 2011

  1. Thank you for your blog. I am a very deep fan of Ilchi Lee, and I desperately want to change myself and grow upwards more. THank you for this reminder. :)

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