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Ironman triathlete Personal Success

Ironman triathlete shares story of his recovery from accident

Ilchi Lee states that health should be a priority for everyone, although the first step is breaking through limitations and gradually building up to our goals. Maintaining a regular exercise routine can help people pursue their life purpose, whether they are going to the gym or recovering from a traumatic event.

The latter was the case of Matt Long, who was run over by a 20-ton bus making an illegal turn in 2005, according to The Morristown Patch. He has recently penned a narrative of the incident and his recovery, The Long Run, where he details his struggle to recuperate from the accident and become an Ironman triathlete and marathon runner.

Lee underwent more than 40 surgical procedures in order to be in good enough shape to compete in the New York Marathon two years later.

He also sought support from those who could relate to his situation, such as Fabio Selvig, who suffered a similar accident five years before.

“I asked [Fabio] for help and he said he would support me and we made a connection and over and over he just kept letting me know that his life got better after his accident,” Long told the news provider. “Everything that’s good in his life happened after his accident and I kept that as my light to hang on to.”

Katy Perry’s Firework can inspire

Ilchi Lee believes in personal growth for all people who are looking for their life purpose. Many modern-day songs can echo this sentiment as well, as one of the keys to change is believing in oneself.

This seems to be what made Katy Perry’s song, Firework, her third number one Billboard hit of 2010. She has also said that the inspirational message in the song makes her believe that it is the most important one on the album.

“People are coming back and almost adopting it as their own anthem, and it’s hard, I think, to write an anthem that’s not cheesy, and I hope that this could be something in that category. I hope this could be one of those things where it’s like, ‘Yeah, I want to put my fist up and feel proud and feel strong,” she told MTV News. “[Firework is] like the opus or my one song… cause it has a great beat. But it also has a fantastic message.”

It may be a combination of Perry’s vocals and the lyrics that drive that message home. She sings that everyone must find their own potential and “ignite the light and let it shine.”