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Hiking to the top of a waterfall may help one to overcome their fear of heights

Individuals can reach their human potential by pushing their limits

In life, it is important to continue to push past self-imposed limitations and overcome one’s fears. For many, this manifests as a phobia of heights. To master this and realize full human potential, it might be an excellent idea to hike the Halawa Valley in Hawaii and stand at the top of the Moaula Falls.

The Moaula Falls is located in a beautifully picturesque setting that will certainly put one’s mind at ease. Trip Advisor describes this site as breathtaking, and visitors may find it very peaceful as well. One may enjoy listening to the birds and animals in the surrounding forest as they climb or silently reflecting upon one of Ilchi Lee’s aphorisms.

As the Moaula Falls drops an astonishing 250 feet the hike required to reach it is in itself a physical task that may push the limitations of some individuals. One may enjoy engaging in a period of meditation at the top of the falls to contemplate their journey and revel in the feeling of satisfaction one gets from overcoming fears and growing, both mentally and spiritually.

Hiking Mount Washington may help one to push their limits

Hiking Mount Washington can help one push their limits

Ilchi Lee believes that in order to achieve personal success, one must push himself past his limits and out of his comfort zone. Undertaking a hike to the summit of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington may help individuals who seek personal growth achieve their goal.

Hiking may be an excellent way to clear one’s mind while also striving to improve oneself. In the mountains of New Hampshire, it is very quiet and peaceful. As Trip Advisor describes the scenery one passes on their way up Mount Washington as stunning, individuals may be able to connect to nature by reflecting upon its beauty. A wonderful time to do this might be in the autumn, when New England is aflame with colorful foliage.

Mount Washington has been described by Backpacker Magazine as one of the most dangerous hikes in America. Certainly this means that one must overcomes his limitations and fears in order to attempt this challenge. Ilchi Lee believes that it is important to start small, however, so perhaps one can begin with a short hike and work their way to the summit over time.

Crater Lake in Oregon

Find peace at Crater Lake in Oregon’s beautiful countryside

Crater Lake, Oregon, is one of the best places in America to experience Ilchi Lee’s message of peace.

Supposedly formed around 4680 B.C., this stunning lake (the deepest in the United States) developed after the volcano Mount Mazama erupted. The explosion was reportedly 100 times stronger than that of Mt. St. Helen’s in 1980, according to Frommer’s travel guides.

It was so powerful, in fact, that Mazama’s mountaintop was reduced by half a mile and created the crater.

The water that flows from the snowy mountains nearby into the lake is considered some of the “clearest fresh water found anywhere in the world,” according to

Travelers who want to experience purity should sit by the water and feel the energy of such an ancient site hover over them.

“Visitors to the area can’t imagine the sudden impact of the awesome grandeur that lies ahead as they approach the rim of the caldera … 1,000 feet [above the lake].”

The awe-inspiring views are sure to inspire visitors to embrace the power of nature, and subsequently find peace in their own lives.

Port Cros National Park

France’s secret island beaches are perfect for solitude

Beach vacations can be one of the best ways to experience the benefits of Ilchi Lee’s meditation techniques.

Located in the southern waters occupied by France, 50 miles away from the glitz and glamour of St. Tropez, is a quiet oasis just waiting for relaxed travelers to enjoy its natural beauty.

The Iles d’Hyeres is a three-island chain in a place where the sun shines 300 days a year and snobbery associated with French citizens is nowhere to be found.

Perhaps this is because there’s no vehicles allowed on the islands. Only bicycles can occupy the tiny roads that meander through the Iles d’Hyeres.

According to Black Tomato, a beach expert guide, the best place to practice yoga is Port Man, located on the Ile de Port-Cros. The entire landmass is a designated national park with dozens of secluded beaches, but Port Man is a stand-out strip of sand.

“During the Renaissance [the islands] were called the Iles d’Or, from the golden glow sometimes given off by the rocks in the sunlight,” states Frommer’s travel guides.

Coniston Water

Cumbria inspires travelers in Britain

Walking through the hills of Cumbria, England, can be a great activity for personal development as the amazing landscapes often inspire travelers to embrace Earth and its mysteries, reports the UK Telegraph.

On the National Trust walk, travelers will get to see some beautiful scenery ranging from the Coniston Fells to the Low Parkamoor Farm.

“I particularly enjoy the ever-changing views along the walk,” states Peter Keen, who operates the Steam Yacht Gondola on Coniston Water. “Make sure you bring a camera to capture the scenery and binoculars to view the wildlife. After the walk you also get a further chance to relax on your way back to the jetty at Coniston.”

A ride on the Gondola Steam Yacht is a calm and peaceful experience as the Victorian boat gently glides over the water.

The Coniston Fells, however, are what brings most people the Cumbria. This is one of the most photographed spots in England. With its green covered mountains and beautiful sweeping valley views.

In addition to the Low Parkamoor, there’s the Lawson Park Farm, which dates back to the 1300s and is quite a sight to behold.

Peaceful Places

The remote stillness of Cape York is perfect for meditation

Ilchi Lee often states that meditation is best practiced in remote places that encourage a sense of peace and serenity.

In Cape York, Australia, there is hardly anyone around. It is a rocky yet beautiful area of the Land Down Under, similar to the beauty of Cape Cod and Maine in the United States.

At Lakefield National Park, the wetlands have encouraged a diverse range of bird species to call this region their home. Perhaps travelers who do silent contemplation here will feel their spirit soar with the winged creatures as they increase their brain potential.

The town of Laura is where most people stay in Cape York unless they want to go camping in the national park sites. Here, visitors should walk around the many rock galleries that showcase some of the greatest aboriginal paintings on the continent.

And there’s always the quiet beaches that stretch on for miles. Like remote islands in the tropics, Cape York offers some of the best coastal spots to practice yoga or meditation.

“If you’re looking for sheer beauty in an untouched environment, Cape York is your destination,” states Frommer’s travel guides.