"500 Days of Summer" offers a different take on the romantic comedy

“500 Days of Summer” offers a different take on the romantic comedy

Romantic comedies seemingly come out every week, and there usually isn't too much variation in the formula that these films follow. In 2009, the movie "500 Days of Summer" turned heads by offering a slightly different take on the romcom, while also weaving a strong tale of personal development that is in tune with Ilchi Lee's teachings.

The film is about Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and the relationship he strikes up with his coworker Summer (Zooey Deschanel). The first half of the film seems to hit all of the typical romcom notes, despite an amusing narrator repeatedly saying that "this is not a love story." Somewhat early in the film, the two split, leaving Tom devastated by the break-up.

Yet unlike many other films, where the guy would make some grand gesture and win back the girl, the second half of the film is more about Tom's personal development. His break-up inspires him to leave his unfulfilling job as a greeting card writer in somewhat spectacular fashion and pursue his dream of becoming an architect.

For weaving a tale of personal development and inspiration, even in the face of something seemingly terrible, "500 Days of Summer" stands up as a work that has much in common with Ilchi Lee's own philosophies. 

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