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James Madison University basketball player inspires fans across the country

Inspirational stories can help people accomplish amazing things. Point guard Dawn Evans knows this firsthand – she is ranked as an All-American player for the James Madison University women’s basketball team, according to She’s a great offensive player admired by many fans, and her success is only made more impressive by the fact that she battling an incurable kidney disease at the same time.

Evans suffers from focal segmental glomerular sclerosis, which can occasionally drain her energy during a game. She has become a spokesperson for NephCure, an organization that promotes awareness and raises funds to battle the disease. During each game, she speaks with others who are suffering from the condition.

“Every road game,” coach Kenny Brooks told the news provider. “A lot of them are small children. The inspiration she’s given them, some of the e-mails I’ve read that people have sent, how she’s inspired them, puts chills through my body and tears in my eyes.”

The Mayo Clinic states that focal segmental glomerular sclerosis is caused by scarring that occurs in the glomeruli, which help filter impurities out of the blood to create urine. This stresses kidneys and can eventually cause them to fail, so patients generally have to undergo a transplant.

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