Jay-Z's I Made It details his struggle to achieve success

Jay-Z’s I Made It details his struggle to achieve success

The old adage is that success doesn’t happen overnight. Achieving personal ambitions – whether through a career, love or creativity – requires a person to tap into his or her brain potential and use it every day.

That is the theme of Jay-Z’s popular song, I Made It, which talks about how hard the rapper struggled to get where he is today. He talks about the poverty in which he was raised in Brooklyn, New York, before thanking his mother for raising him – and talking about how he will repay the favor for her unending love.

“Out in BK where / It ain’t everyday that you make it out / Be on top of yachts waving / I remember you saving for the light bill,” Jay-Z raps. “Now you’re lil Ms. Fit / Make sure everyday is Christmas write out your wish list / 6’s wrist is glistening you don’t even like jewels / But you could get missing anyway you like to / Where the waters light blue anything you order / Sign it to your nice room leave a extra tip Ma.”

I Made It follows a common theme on Jay-Z’s album Kingdom Come – living a personal dream. The sentiment appears to be popular, as Kingdom Come was Jay-Z’s highest-selling album in a one week period, with 680,000 sales in the first seven days.

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