Distance learning allows people to pursue an education wherever they are

Distance learning center receives award for commitment to brain education

As Ilchi Lee teaches us the power of brain education, many of us suddenly find ourselves looking to reach a higher potential by pursuing an advanced degree.

However, some adults may have a hard time adjusting their schedules to meet the needs of their curriculum, which can often lead some to drop out or put their education on hold until a later time. Fortunately, there are a number of institutions that pride themselves in being available for the nontraditional students.

Elizabethtown College’s Edward R. Murphy Center for Continuing Education and Distance Learning recently received the 2011 Excellence in Innovation Award from the Commission for Accelerated Programs.

The center was recognized for its commitment to providing education opportunities to those who need distance learning either due to other commitments or geographical restraints.

“Adult learners are a vital part of Elizabethtown College and we are happy to accept this honor on their behalf,” said John Kokolus, dean of the center. “This recognition will inspire our faculty and staff to continue to work to widen access to quality higher education for adults and to advance the level of instructional excellence provided to the students in our accelerated degree programs.”

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