Just put one foot in front of the other in Wyoming

Fulfilling a goal is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other

In order to continue experiencing personal growth, individuals must challenge themselves. According to the teaching of Ilchi Lee, an excellent way of keeping oneself on his or her toes is to constantly set goals and reach them. A fantastic way to make sure that you always have a goal in mind is to create a bucket list. National Geographic has published a must-do list for world travel that may act as inspiration.

A great place to start your bucket list is Wyoming. In this western U.S. state, there are many excellent adventures to be had, though the best may be at the Wind River mountain range. This geological beauty stretches more than 155 miles, all of which can be traversed on foot.

Trekking through these mountains might be a good goal to start with, as it is more accessible and easier to complete than other journeys that the travel magazine includes on its list. Perhaps it would be best to begin with a small hike and then work up to the entire trail. Ilchi Lee does remind us, after all, that it is important to pace oneself and never give up.

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