The Zion Narrows are a peaceful place to unlock one's brain potential

Hiking can help individuals work on personal development

The Zion Narrows are a fantastic stretch of canyon in Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah. They have been touted by many travel resources as one of the best and most challenging places to hike in all of North America. According to National Geographic, this is an incredible location to work on personal development goals, due to its serene atmosphere and physically-demanding climb.

Hikers come to the Zion Narrows from all over the world to take in its incredible and awe-inspiring visage. The canyon itself winds through beautifully colored sandstone ranging from terra cotta to crimson. The water at the base of the gorge can reportedly take on a gorgeous shade of turquoise that perfectly contrasts with the bright reddish hues of the rock around it.

Individuals also flock to the Narrows for the physical challenge that the hike presents. The Zion Canyon is over 16 miles long and dives as deep as 2,000 feet in some areas. In a few locations along the gorge, the space in which hikers have to shimmy through is as narrow as 20 feet wide. According to the National Park Service, this hike is considered to be moderately hazardous due to the fact that more than 60 percent of it is spent wading through water or swimming through shallow streams.

Seasoned hikers may be able to complete their trek through the Narrows in as little as one day, though National Geographic suggests that individuals take their time in order to fully enjoy and experience the beauty that surrounds them. An overnight hike may be a great choice for those who are interested in establishing peace and harmony between their minds and bodies, as it provides ample time for meditation and contemplation.

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