Mountain climbing is a great personal goal to set

Individuals can reach their personal goals on Mount Khuiten

Ilchi Lee tells us that it is important to never stop growing. As such, we should continuously set goals for ourselves and then work on reaching them. Something that many individuals seem to want to do is climb a mountain. This is a very arduous task, but it can be completed with a little hard work and a lot of dedication

National Geographic has published a list of the 10 Best Climbs. Individuals who are very serious about personal growth may wish to make it their goal to tackle the entire list. However, Ilchi Lee does remind us that we should always start small and slow, so as to not get discouraged and abandon our efforts. Following that advice, a good climb to start with may be Mount Khuiten in Mongolia.

Mount Khuiten soars 14,350 feet high and straddles three different countries. Hikers must traverse a vast and barren landscape in order to reach the climb site, though many have reported that the trek to the mountain is as beautiful and inspiring as the mountain itself.

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