Oulanka National Park is most beautiful in the winter

Meditation in a peaceful place can help one unlock their brain potential

Ilchi Lee tells us that regular meditation is important in order to establish harmony and peace within ourselves. Peaceful locations may be the best places to practice meditation, as the serenity that they provide may help one enter into a contemplative state with greater ease. National parks are fantastic spots for individuals who seek peace to visit, due to their great beauty and the natural wonders that they often possess.

A particularly beautiful and peaceful national park that practitioners of meditation may wish to visit is Oulanka in Finland. This oasis of solitude covers more than 100 square miles of gorgeous, preserved boreal wilderness. In this park, visitors will be able to meditate among Scotch pines, spruces and silver birches, which are sure to provide the ideal setting for unlocking brain potential.

Oulanka National Park is located near the Arctic Circle and is home to many species of flora and fauna that cannot be found in most places in the world. More than 7,000 varieties of insect live in the park, including the wood ant, which is known for building nests that stretch more then three feet high. Individuals may wish to contemplate the incredible workings of nature as they explore the forest and observe these incredible structures.

Individuals who are interested in visiting Oulanka should consider planning a vacation during the winter. The park is much less crowded during this season than in the warmer weather, and the landscape is significantly more serene when covered in a blanket of snow. Travelers who enjoy cross country skiing or snow shoeing are sure to enjoy the thrill these activities provide in the park's lush atmosphere, and there are many well-groomed trails for them to explore while visiting.

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