Meditation by the Ganges River may help one to find enlightenment

Push oneself by meditating alone in India

Many individuals are uncomfortable spending time by themselves and rely too much on the outside world to satisfy their needs. As Ilchi Lee believes that we must all push our limits, those who feel frightened by the idea of solitude may find that traveling to India alone on a meditation trip may help them to overcome this fear and dependence.

Varanasi is considered by many to be the holiest city in all of India due to its significance in the Hindu religion. Thousands of Pilgrims come to this site each year to take a bath in the Ganges River, which they believe will cleanse them. Regardless of one’s religion, a period of meditation by this holy spring may allow one to feel growth within themselves. Spending hours and days in contemplation alone in this strange city may be very beneficial for those looking to spiritually grow.

Ilchi Lee reminds us that ┬ápersonal growth is an ongoing process, and that we must never stop growing and pushing ourselves past our limits. It is important to continue to improve oneself, and meditation in one of the world’s holiest cities may help some individuals to do this.

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