Using the right words on a resume can make all the difference

Using the right words on a resume can make all the difference

In a time of economic recession and extreme competition for jobs, a powerful and engaging resume is more important than ever. An article written for U.S. News & World Report by Karen Burns discusses which of these wonder words should be included on your resume, and how to use them effectively.

According to Burns, the strongest words on your resume will most likely be nouns, rather than verbs. Nouns convey skills and tell of certifications, degrees and job titles that employers want to see. Search for nouns that appear in the job description written by the company, and use them in both your cover letter and resume, verbatim.

Use these words as close to the beginning of your resume as much as possible, as this will be effective for both computer-scanned and personally-read resumes, catching the attention of either early on, Burns suggested.

Also crucial to a page-popping resume is how former job titles are worded. If your previous title wasn't standard or does not accurately describe your abilities and accomplishments, consider rewriting it as an industry-standard title that describes your specialty. If you choose to use your actual title, the author writes, be sure to expand on it using keywords to make your meaning clear.

According to Burns, when the time comes to break away from nouns and to use verbs, be sure they really come alive on the page. Words like "contributed" or "supported" tend to be seen as subordinate or less impressive. "Achieved" or "resolved" have a much stronger connotation.

And finally, when talking about your skills and qualifications, try to avoid adjectives like "experienced" or "strong." Instead, use nouns and powerful verbs to bolster your skills and demonstrate your personal development.

Applying these words to your resume might help you get that long-sought interview, which could ultimately enhance the overall cohesiveness of the mind-body-spirit in your life.  

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