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Some women adopt "queen bee" mentality in workplace

Some women adopt “queen bee” mentality in workplace

There are countless inspirational stories about women who have overcome sexism to reach the top rung of the corporate ladder. However, their admirable path to prosperity doesn't necessarily benefit female colleagues.

Some women in management roles discriminate against other females trying to advance their careers, according to a study in the upcoming issue of Psychological Science. This behavior pattern, called "queen bee" behavior, was examined by a team of researchers from Leiden University.

They surveyed 63 women holding senior positions in the Netherlands, asking them about the importance of gender identity in the workplace. The participants were also asked to write about their opinions of gender bias and describe their management style.

Researchers found that women who had a weak gender identity were more likely to descibe their leadership style in masculine terms, distancing themselves from other women in their office. Many of these respondents also denied having a gender bias at their workplace.

"If you simply put women at higher positions without doing anything about gender bias in the organization, these women will be forced to distance themselves from the group," said Belle Derks, lead author of the study. "If you set women up this way, so they have to choose between their opportunities and the opportunities of the group, some women will choose themselves." 

Exercise shown to help individuals fight nicotine addiction

Exercise shown to help individuals fight nicotine addiction

A team of researchers from The Miriam Hospital, the University of Massachusetts in Boston and St. George University of London recently discovered that exercise helps to improve mood and curb cigarette cravings in smokers.

However, they noted that the effects typically do not last for more than a day or two.

“One implication for these findings is that exercise may be a useful treatment strategy, but it has to be done frequently enough and consistently enough because the effects that it has diminish over time,” said lead researcher David Williams.

Results of this study suggest that the benefits of regular exercise go beyond promoting cardiovascular health and keeping weight healthy, since it may also help a person gain more self-control.

Author and trailblazer Ilchi Lee recommends exercise and a good diet to maintain physical health, and meditation and yoga to attain a stronger state of mind. Perhaps the key to smoking cessation is to exercise regularly and engage in mind-body-spirit practices for optimal well-being.

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James Madison University basketball player inspires fans across the country

Inspirational stories can help people accomplish amazing things. Point guard Dawn Evans knows this firsthand – she is ranked as an All-American player for the James Madison University women’s basketball team, according to NewsOK.com. She’s a great offensive player admired by many fans, and her success is only made more impressive by the fact that she battling an incurable kidney disease at the same time.

Evans suffers from focal segmental glomerular sclerosis, which can occasionally drain her energy during a game. She has become a spokesperson for NephCure, an organization that promotes awareness and raises funds to battle the disease. During each game, she speaks with others who are suffering from the condition.

“Every road game,” coach Kenny Brooks told the news provider. “A lot of them are small children. The inspiration she’s given them, some of the e-mails I’ve read that people have sent, how she’s inspired them, puts chills through my body and tears in my eyes.”

The Mayo Clinic states that focal segmental glomerular sclerosis is caused by scarring that occurs in the glomeruli, which help filter impurities out of the blood to create urine. This stresses kidneys and can eventually cause them to fail, so patients generally have to undergo a transplant.