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How to make major career decisions

How to make major career decisions

According to a recent column in Forbes Magazine written by Nathan Bennet, a management professor at Georgia Tech, and Stephen A. Miles, vice chairman of Heidrick & Struggles, making big career decisions can be explained through a well-thought maritime metaphor: don't tack to cover.

Because you only have one chance to achieve your life dream, it makes sense that there is a desire to make each career choice the "best one," the authors write. But maximizing the return on a decision as ambiguous as "which college is best for me" is impossible.

Questions like this one have too many unknowns. "Such efforts only provide comfort to the degree you let yourself be fooled about your ability to know the unknowable risks associated with each choice," the authors write, proposing an approach to career decision making that balances over-analysis and leaving things to chance.

If you find yourself basing your career decisions on those around you, or perhaps those that have gone before you, that means you are playing it safe, as sailors in a race who stick with the pack, who tack to cover, are guaranteed good winds and currents. The sailors who decide to break from the pack could be rewarded with even stronger currents and more favorable winds, according to the authors.

People who tack to cover in their career choices do so when they justify a decision based on standards, such as a student who goes for an internship because that is simply what he has seen is the next step.

Bennet and Miles suggest that when you are confident that your boat and crew (your resume and talent) are ready to surpass others, go for it. Tacking to cover may be safe, but it may stifle the personal change that can be necessary in the pursuit of one's life dream.  

"Inception" deals with unlocking brain potential

“Inception” deals with unlocking brain potential

One of the best recent films to deal with unlocking brain potential is "Inception," the summer blockbuster director by Christopher Nolan. This film ultimately deals with the power of dreams, which demonstrate the near limitless power of the human mind.

The film follows Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who works as a kind of "dream thief" for major corporations. Together with his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Cobb can enter the minds of his targets and extract valuable information resting in their subconscious. The duo, along with other people who work in their top-secret field, use a chemical that allows multiple people to share dreams together.

Cobb and Arthur use their full brain potential to stay lucid in the brains of others and manipulate them into giving up sensitive information. However, they are caught in the beginning of the film by one of their targets, Mr. Saito (Ken Watanabe). Saito then hires the team to perform "inception," which is the actual planting of an idea in someone else's mind. In the world of the film, this is a much more difficult technique to pull off, leading to the main plot of the movie.

The epic scale of Inception coupled with the mind-bending dream worlds led to the movie being a blockbuster smash. Even more than a year later, the ambiguous ending has left people talking and craving a sequel.

Obviously, we can't enter a dream world with other people, like the characters in the film do. However, the overarching concept of dreams really does speak to the concept of human brain potential. While the worlds may not be as vivid and exciting as the ones shown in Inception, we do create dream worlds with our minds every single night we go to sleep, which give a hint of the unused brain potential that everyone has. 

Certificates can help people reach their career goals

New certificate helps people find their brain potential in the assisted living community

Many people have a life dream of achieving a career that they love. With today’s market being somewhat shaky, it is important that people have an educational background in the sector that they want to pursue.

Those who want to work with the elderly may find benefits from EasyCEU.com’s new online certificate program. The course will focus on people who want to work as an assisted living administrator.

Not only could this be a great opportunity for those who are looking to get in the field, but also professionals who already work in assisted living facilities and want to brush up on their knowledge with a new certification.

EasyCEU.com also added a number of other certification programs in the assisted living field. Some of these programs include nursing facility administrator and nursing facility director.

“Adding these courses allows our clients, many of whom have returned every license renewal period since we launched in early 2003, to access a wide range of new courses,” noted Sharon Brothers, president and CEO of the company.

Money is always on our minds, even if we don't talk about it

A life dream of money may play into the human psyche

Many people may have a life dream of accruing an enormous amount of wealth, but this is not possible for most. Although it has been said that money cannot buy happiness, there are other ways in which currency affects one’s mental health.

FinancialPsychologyCeus.com, which provides continuing education opportunities for those in the mental health profession, announced it would be adding a new online course that helps individuals understand the tie between one’s psychosis and money.

Company executives noted that because money is not frequently talked about in today’s society, even psychologists have not had the opportunity to study the extensiveness of how it could affect one’s psyche.

“This social prohibition has caused money to become possibly the most neglected topic in psychological research and in psychotherapists’ education, training and practice,” said Joe Lowrance, author of the course. “Consequently, the ability for psychotherapists to serve their clients’ well-being regarding one of daily life’s most important issues often has been compromised.”

PSU launches new program for those with a life dream of engineering management

In today’s economy, it’s important that people have the right education credentials to be considered for certain jobs. While continuing one’s education is good for personal growth, there are other lessons that can be found in Ilchi Lee’s thought-provoking books that cleanse the mind.

Once someone feels a full sense of enlightenment through Lee’s teachings, it may be time to challenge their brains in other ways.

Pennsylvania State University (PSU) announced the launch of a new online master’s degree in engineering management that will help provide people who are looking to enter into the field with the business and technical skills they need to succeed, according to Automation World.

School officials say that this curriculum differs from other engineering programs, which typically do not focus on the business aspects of the profession.

“Engineering students generally do not learn about business in undergraduate programs,” said James A. Nemes, division head and professor of mechanical engineering at the Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies.