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Doctor believes in healing power of prayer

A Texas doctor is combining traditional medicine with what he believes is the healing power of prayer. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Dr. Errol Bryce often prays with distraught patients and their families, but not before making sure they are comfortable and open to the idea of spiritual healing.

"Prayer is powerful," Dr. Bryce told the news source. "I think faith and prayer is essential in the healing process. My personal perspective is that we actually prescribe the medicine but God does the healing."

Bryce also said that he has experienced much enthusiasm from colleagues and patients, and that in 25 years he has many patients who wanted to explore their spiritual and mental potential with him.

The Washington Post reports that studies have shown that people with faith tend to be healthier, though researchers are still determining why. Bryce told the Telegram that he believes people can heal themselves through communing with the world around them.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes in healing prayer and the ability of people to better themselves through spiritual growth.

Be one with nature at the Butchart Gardens

Ilchi Lee tells us that nature doesn’t make haste. Sometimes, it is difficult to remember to slow down and be like the seasons, which flow into one another and do not hurry themselves.

In order to appreciate what this aphorism means, one may enjoy a trip to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. This beautiful park is a wonderful place to meditate and reflect upon Ilchi Lee’s advice.

The summer is an especially lovely time at the Butchart Gardens because everything is in bloom. One can see and smell roses, irises and snapdragons while they concentrate on their own spiritual healing. While meditating in this peaceful place, it might help to consider how slowly nature moves through her motions and how human beings can increase their awareness and appreciation of life by imitating her movements. British Columbia is a very beautiful and serene place, especially in the summer months, and visitors to the gardens may very much enjoy their experience.

Ilchi Lee reminds us that only people are flustered by their own bustling around. Extensive meditation in a peaceful locale such as the Butchart Gardens may help one to internalize this message.